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Baclaran Street

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Baclaran streets, a photo by glenmcbethlaw on Flickr.

Street scene in Baclaran market, Paranaque, Philippines. Baclaran Market is an open air market, where food and goods are sold. The smells can be nausea inducing, so have a hanky ready. Back alleys are quite dangerous, as there is always something illegal being sold and blackmarketeers are rampant.

As what the author of this photo said, yes it's true because you can find the biggest Catholic church - the Redemptorist Church. The small alleys posed a danger during night time. At the back of the church, the Dimasalang Street, where I lived before. When you're living in Baclaran, be sure that you're flexible to every person/s, knowedge of the environment and always alert.

I've posted this photo here, so that I could relay my story in easy way to the readers. This is also, a place where my story starts.

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