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The Social Media and I: Bridging the Past, Present and Future

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The Social Media and I: Bridging the Past, Present and Future

I am a Filipino blogger, writer and concerned citizen of our native land – the Philippines. Let me elaborate its essence in determining which way I could maintain my development as a person. Thus, rearing to be self-motivated kind of an individual, I can gladly recommend social media as a new modern form, ways and attitude, changing greater impact on mankind; in which I had learned so much from it. While I was developing my true self in discovering my talent and skills, it entwined within my heart, mind and soul. Because of that, I balanced things into proper perspective by my own respect and enthusiasm in the past, at present and the next generation to come.

To begin with, the Social Media has had one of the greatest impacts on the twenty-first century. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter make it possible for people to contact family and friends across the globe at no cost, unlike in the 80's, the situation was truly vague. This has opened a brand new way for people of all ages to communicate with loved ones, meet new people, and express themselves freely and openly. While there are risks involving this new technology but they can easily be avoided, checked and monitored. It gives the easy way to interact with different kind of people who had the initiatives to inform and be informed.

Social media has gained a false reputation as a place for scams, fraud and predators but in fact these problems can be easily prevented. Most social media websites have privacy settings, minimum age requirements, and provide a list of safety precautions to follow. Some of these security measures include hiding your photos, avoiding publication of personal information, and controlling who can access profile content. Easy access to both safety and socialization provide a whole new world of communication.
 Prior to the social media, means of communication were limited.

Social media makes communication fast, convenient, and free of charge. Users across the globe can connect with one another within seconds. They can share photos, have conversations and even talk face to face. A few examples include: students are able to discuss educational topics, OFW's can communicate with family and friends without any hassles, no matter how far away they are from home. Not only does this allow users to meet new friends that have common interests, but it allows users to maintain friendships and complete business transactions. A convenient yet affordable social network brings people within a society together like my fun-loving countrymen.

The Filipinos around the world emerged as one of the top users of the internet as a form of interacting together in fun-filled ways and endeavors. It’s really the haven for me and to all people who used intelligently to forward their thinking in the twenty-second century.

Thus, the internet and social media marketing are changing the face of business marketing. An extreme-shift of changes developed and opportunities come into view with so many different methods and forms. It helps the very core of every company who uses social media as a form of advertising their products. Business people composed themselves to the present behavior of reaching-out their own loyal customers; patronizing products that gave them the total satisfaction and worth for their money.

So, from the onset of social media, it greatly affects my views and personality, as to why I valued most of my endeavors online. As a Filipino writer and blogger, I could promote myself to the new generation of our beloved country - the Philippines.

Here's my sample poem posted online dedicated to all Filipinos around the world. It's a poem in Tanka Form.

Tanka: “I Am for What I Am”

I own my ambitions, dreams, wants,
anticipations and fears. I
own my joys, success, mistakes and
failures. Because I own myself,
I know more about it.

With all of my actions I can
love myself and every part of
myself. I can protect my most
precious values. I know that I
have the abilities.

Until I love myself truly
I have hope and confidence to
solve what is bothering on my
mind and to find more about my
true personality.

Nevertheless, to know more ‘bout
me; With all my words and deeds and
what I am thinking about and
feel of the future . Only I, knows
about my real self.

When I’ve learned my words and deeds; and
knows how to think and feel, I can
balance things into perspective.
I can get rid of my bad traits.
Left the good ones to use.

And make new best endeavor to
forward into the future. I
walk to my destiny or fate
Because I am for what I am
Help me God the Father.

It's more fun in the Philippines!

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