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Love Poetry Anthology

Love Poetry Anthology is a collection of poems constructed by my heart, mind and soul. It really made for you to deeply feel the essence of my being. It's really for readers who loved the way words are entwined within their hearts and souls. A feeling deep deep that even the Almighty cannot fathom the meaning of LOVE...

1)Free Verse: “Closer To You”

Your beauty captures my heart,
Your soul surrounds me, wherever I am,
Perhaps, you are Goddess of Beauty?
I feel you are endless.

I feast my vision to you, turn towards the light,
Perhaps by chance, but definite in direction,
I am drawn by the deepest awareness of you,
Which wane my heart to think of you,
And feel your soul throughout my life.
I know so very little yet feel so much,
Oh! It’s a great feeling to see your soul!

Unable to gaze to your beauty,
My soul provides to my heart,
A vision…unable to touch you,
Our souls’ touch which sends us to pleasure,
And our bodies shiver with ecstasy,
In everlasting union of perfection.

I am amazed by you, as you are,
You are not far, you are close,
And I hold you so tenderly,
Closer each moment,
Closer to you….

(2)Sonnet: “My Beloved”

For a moment, I thought, I could forget you,
For a moment, I thought, I could feel your heart,
I thought the past, could no longer haunt me,
Nor hurt me! How wrong I was!
For the past, lingered on my mind and heart,
For the past, surrounded me day and night,
For the past, encased vividly in my dreams,
How can I forget you, my beloved?
The lovable smile on your face,
The gentle caress of your embrace,
Your love chained within my soul,
Your face entwined within my flesh,
I clipped my wings within your beauty,
Oh! My beloved….. my beloved.

(3)Cinquains: “Walk with God”

I go for a walk,
Just to be with myself,
And the nature’s calling,
For the love in my heart,
For my spirit to relished.

I go for a walk,
Amidst beautiful sky,
Amidst beautiful trees with hues of gold,
Blinding yellows laced with orange,
And reds of flowers scent the air.

I walk softly, slowly, with nothing on my mind,
This walk was for my soul,
Butterflies floating around setting the tone,
For a lighthearted glow to enter my heart,
A true thing of beauty.
A glimmer turns my awareness,
And point me in a direction,
To notice the things that is usually obscured,
From the motion of my mind,
The motion of the day that shades my heart and dulls my soul.

Truly, I felt my soul,
With a half smile the one that is present without trying,
That easy soft one from the spirit that causes the heart to glow,
And is attractive to others,
I breathe deeply asking for God’s direction.
I felt and saw what was there,
I am filled with all things,
I am graced with all these creations,
Playing off each other in perfect harmony,
I walk softly, slowly, to my destiny.

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