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Twisted Love: Chapter 1 - The Virgin

Twisted, OFW, Werewolf, Family

The innocent virgin, Mary, comes from a werewolf family (Azzo Clan), wanted to be a normal lady who fell in love with a stranger, Brando. Their love intertwined with difficulties, hatred, jealousy, revenge and murder. A Filipino folklore werewolf story with riveting plot and twists. A must-read to all Filipino readers and other nationalities.


Blood is everywhere, soaking into the carpet, pooling and trickling through the cracks in the floorboards. I pull the dead body, wrap up with cloth, put inside the box and hide down under our bed. I tie up securely. I sit up unto the chair facing Mary, my loving wife. I look at her closely.

She’s not a sweet lovable woman for me after all, no she’s beautiful, and she’s mine. Even when I indulged my inner thoughts to her, still she cannot understand the meaning of true love. The love, which we shared from the time we were married. For her, it was nothing more than just a human urges, to engage in such delicate thing, but she responded quietly every time… I loved her so much and no one can deny that, even the Almighty can attest that during our sacred vows, my love for her was stronger as ever.

“Why you’ve done this to me? Huh Mary? Why? “I shouted at her with rage. “I saw you last week together with a man in the carnival! You are not thinking that we’re married! I am your husband!”

I move around the room, going round and round, trying to be free with my inner self. I look at her, still sitting in the chair with her make-up and shiny lip-gloss still intact on her kissable lips. Yes, she is pretty, I know, and that is the reason why I love her so much. And, why she could not love me? Our numerology foretells that we are compatible with each other. Hell with numerologist!



She had never thought that this moment will come, like the cool breeze of dawn softly touching her face. It seemed to her that the place had never gives an opportunity for her to love. A normal feeling that God bestowed on humans. Why is it so hard to fathom my deepest desire to know more about myself?
The darkness crept slowly as she wandered in the balcony of their house made of bamboo and palm leaves. She understood too well that they were different from other people living on that place; a mountainous place where nobody dared to live because of its remoteness.

She has a beautiful face, like the virgin of all virgins that knows nothing about earthly things. Perhaps she’s the Fairy of the Wild? But you can figure out that she’s sad, lonely and wanting for love. She’s a woman who has no right to love and be loved. What a beautiful name her mother gave to her, Mary. And why?

“Tomorrow…you’re eighteen.” Her mother said while approaching her at the balcony.

So what if she’s a lady? Will it change anything and her future? In her mind, she could not tell her mother about what’s on her mind right now.

What do you want for your birthday?”

She looked at her mother with the sadness in her eyes. “Is there anything you can give to me besides fresh meat and bloody drinks?”

Mary’s mother, Virginia suddenly left her without a word.

It’s almost dark when Mary’s father, Daniel, arrived at the house coming from the farm. He tied the animal, a carabao, in the fence beside the house. He went upstairs and saw Mary was eating white rice and dried fish. He knew too well, that Mary won’t ask him to join in because they’re not consuming this kind of food.

“Virgie… where are you?”

“We’ll go now Daniel?” Virginia’s voice coming from the room.


“Mary, we’re going now.” Virginia said to her daughter while looking at Daniel.

Mary didn’t move a bit to answer her mother. She kept busy herself eating in the table.

The couple went outside of their house going to the backyard. Here, they changed their forms slowly into werewolves. Their clothes were damaged while they’re transforming and they’re covered with werewolf hair. After a few minutes, they were ferocious beast wanted to eat human flesh. They hurriedly left to hunt their preys.

Along the main road, near the forest, not far from Mary’s house, a man was searching for his lost animal. He has a torch to light his way, and he’s fully innocent about this place. The couple werewolves were aiming their claws and teeth, moving towards the man. Suddenly, the couple clawed the man’s head first, then his hands and feet. They brought the dismembered body to the midst of the forest. They hastily ate the hands and feet. Open the head into two and ate it. Also, they open the body and took the intestines away. Left some amount of flesh for their daughter.

Mary’s saw what her parents were doing at that time. She wanted to run at once, but she could not. She kept on hiding while the couple werewolves left the place. She questioned herself, “Why is it like this? Why they’re both followers of Satan? And why I followed them?” Mary’s silently cried and left the place.


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