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Some poems as part of Love Poetry Anthology:

(4)Haiku: “My Greatest Love of All”

I travelled the world

Only to find the greatest

Love in my whole life.

(5)Limerick : "July in America"

July in America!
Sweetest blueberry month
Everybody’s desires
Enjoy its bountiful
Even the taste inspires.

July in America!
Enchanting fireworks month
Beautifully displays
People s’ enjoyment
Even in replays.

July in America!
Delicious ice cream month
Eaten tremendously
Refreshingly cool
Taste deliciously.

July in America!
Palatable hot dog month
Jumbo or regular
Mayo, ketchup, mustard
Sounds familiar?

July in America!
All-Parenting month
Youngsters and parents
Learns the meaning of life
That’s heaven sent.

(6)Nonnet: “Devil Woman”

My heart’s rotten like demons and fire
I cannot fathom my anger
Is it evil? You devil!
Ask for my forgiveness
Shed tears to my heart
Hate you so much
Until death

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