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Twisted Love: Chapter 2 - The Playboy


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An energetic Brando was preparing to leave while playing the car keys in his right hand, walking briskly towards his newly purchased sport car. He’s happy for his whole life because his parents had amassed wealth of their forefathers. A land so huge for them to managed and developed into another wealth for the future.

“Where are you going son?” His mother Yolly asked.

Brando kissed his mother’s check, answering back, “Just roaming around Ma.”

“Don’t do anything foolish and don’t be late for our supper son.” Yolly warned her son.

“Yes mother..bye…..”

Brando happily went outside the house, like he would like to fly to their garage. He chose the red Ferrari car to use.

The guard opened the gate when he spotted Brando’s car and gave respect by saluting him.

Brando went outside the Village and accelerated his car to full power.
Carla waited for Brando outside their gate when the later arrived.

“I thought you’re not coming.” Carla said pointing her finger to Brando.

“Damn it, believe me, I’ll never forget. Remember, I love you?”

“Yes, but last time I waited for you and you didn’t come, remember? Carla retorted.

“Okay, okay…come on’re spoiling my day..go..go..”

While on the car heading North, Brando asked Carla.

“By the way, what we want first? Eating or roaming around the forest?”

“Both, we gonna eat and roam at the same time. We’re going to do that, don’t we?”

“Both? How come?”

“Yes, we’re going to the place..that one before....that place you brought me there. We can eat each other and go to heaven.”

Brando just smile when he noticed what she meant by that…same old story.
He brought Carla at the motel that he used to bring his women. The workers knew him and his purpose too.

Brando locked the door at once, kissed Carla on the lips, and they both undressed hurriedly. They went ahead with their intentions on the bed, and reached the climax of satisfaction.


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