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Video Reviews Saves Advertising Money

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When it comes to getting a product noticed, it is essential to get news of its release out to the public. Traditionally, newspaper and radio advertising and magazine reviews have formed the platform by which to do this. However, in the onslaught of the iPod generation, video reviews are becoming a favored way to get manufacturers messages across and actually demonstrate the latest products on offer. With every person between the ages of five and eighty five glued to a media player or computer, it makes sense to use this technology to reach the target market and advertise the full potential of a product.

The majority of people are choosing to do their shopping online, ditching the hustle and bustle of the high street for a finger walk across a keyboard. The only reason consumers are popping into town is to have a look at what is available to help them make the right online purchase. In light of this, some clever folks have decided that being able to offer video reviews of products online will encourage more people to make a purchase while surfing the net.

If you are choosing to shop online, it makes sense to try out different products online, especially if you are considering investing in a fair bit of cash, and the format of a video review works well for technologies that have multiple functions such as mobile phones and media players. Take the latest offering from Toshiba for example, the TG01. This is a mobile phone/media player hybrid that has more functions than the Fox and Pheasant. Looking at an ad in a glossy mag and reading the spec list wouldn't be good enough to make you purchase it instantly, and a television ad would simply be too short to show all the things it can do. The alternative before video reviews would be going into town, finding a shop that stocks it, waiting in a queue for an hour before being offered an uncharged handset to hold.

Thanks to the new way of advertising, we can see everything this product does, how the menu system works, what the display looks like, how to answer a call and create a text message. This almost works like a mini manual and could well be the way forward for setting up gadgets and gizmo's in the future. Technology is not as simple as it used to be, and setting up a TV, telephone or MP3 player practically requires a degree in astrophysics. Having a video review to guide a user through the applications and set ups would actually improve sales.

In a recent survey, it was discovered that up to sixty five per cent of mobile phone users didn't use applications other than text, call and cameras on their phones because the set up was too complicated and because of this would not buy another smart phone to avoid wasting money. Through video reviews, a consumer can be taken through the set ups step by step. Unlike regular advertising, which has to be engaging to entice the consumer to invest in the product, video reviews serve a purpose. They function as an info-mercial.

Video reviews are aimed at people who are on the point of purchase and want to know more about a product, so expensive advertising tricks are not necessary. The people that are using these reviews are also an already targeted market, so the sales pitch can be toned down and the focus can be on product information. So rather than being a mode of advertising, the reviews offer a service that is informative, useful and could help boost the sales of new technology.

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