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The Best Friend Marriage

Photo source: Free Verse - Closer to You

The wedding was successful and we went to the reception in Sheraton Hotel, Deira side. I was sitting in the presidential table that I can view the guests and the entrance. I noticed Danielle went inside and seated at the reception table alone. My focus was for her all the time that I forgot Ayah and my guests. She’s looking intently for the newly wed, Ayah Isabel, Mike and me. I can sense her purpose, to destruct us, I thought. I saw Ayah was busy chatting with Lina and Mike.

At the entrance, I saw Roger Ferrer trying to find Danielle. He saw her at the table drinking her drinks. He grabbed Danielle’s hand that the glass falls down on the floor. She got her nerves to slapped Roger on his face, that the guard suddenly held them going outside the reception hall. I saw Ayah was staring at Danielle but still surprised with her reaction. She looked at me at the presidential table where our eyes met.

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