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Twisted Love: Chapter 4 - The Escape


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Mary’s parents were farmers who toiled their lands daily. But they didn’t eat their produce because they wanted human flesh and blood. All the times, they wanted to kill for this purpose.

“Daniel, take a rest. We are not in a hurry for those rice produce. Don’t exert too much energy, tonight we can have our fresh supper.”

“Okay Virginia, I’ll finish this one first.”

“Our victim yesterday was Yoyong…”

“Tonight we will attend the wake of our friend. Our donation’s ready for him.”

Virginia and Daniel didn’t want what they were doing but they inherit as werewolves through their forefathers. A strong bond that they cannot stopped during the night, especially when it’s a full moon. They gave their money to their victims and they were doing this until death.


A car stopped abruptly in front of the mansion gate. It was Sharon who approached the guard without respect.

“Hey you…why you’re not opening the gate, bastard!”

“Why? Who are you madam?” Asked by the respectful guard.

“I’m the fiancé of Brando, who will be the father of my baby! Where’s Brando?”

“Okay go inside and ask Mrs.Yolly Jane Ramirez…” Said the guard while opening the gate.

Sharon got inside the mansion, knocked on the door shouting.

“Mrs. Ramirez…Mrs. Ramirez where’s Brandoooooo?”

Mrs. Ramirez opened the door and instantly shouted to Sharon.

“Why you bitch!!! What do you want?”

“I want your son! I’m pregnant and he’s the father!!”

“He’s not here right now! I will tell him when he comes home!! Go..go..go you bitch!!”

“Tell him about this matter or I’ll tell your rich friends about it. You have no place in the society when this thing happens!!! He’s hiding with me, isn’t it? Isn’t itttttt??”

Mrs. Yoly Jane Ramirez banged the door on Sharon’s face. She left the mansion fuming with anger.


Brando’s enjoying the moment with his new girlfriend, Lucy. They spent their precious moment at the beach outside Metro Manila.

“Wow, your beautiful with your two-piece swimsuit Lucy!” Cried Brando.

“Not really.” Answered Lucy.

They enjoyed the night together swimming, and drinking liquor until they found themselves in the bathroom. Everlasting moment for them both tasting the precious gift of God.

Brando left Lucy at the beach cottage alone. He went straight to the mansion. His mother and father were waiting for him to come home. They wanted to tell about Sharon’s condition. Mrs. Ramirez was very agitated while waiting for his son.
Suddenly, Brando appeared at the door, smiling and gave respect to the couple.

“Good evening Ma, Pa. Why are you still awake at this hour?” Asked Brando to his parents.

“You know Sharon was here this morning.”

“Of course I don’t know because I was not here.”

“Sharon was here because she told me, she’s pregnant, and you’re the father of her child.”

“What??? That bitch, how come? A hundred men slept with her, and me?? The father?? Ha-ha-ha..bitch!!”

“Son, better to marry her. We don’t need problems in our society. And, besides, I want a grandson or granddaughter.”

“No Ma I won’t marry that bitch…”

Brando left his parents in bewilderment, entered his room, and sat beside his bed. He’s thinking of something unique to evade this event. He gathered his backpack, some personal things and cash. He hid himself carefully, got to the gate, and asked the guard to open it.

“Guard open the gate, quick!” Brando asked.

“Sir, why?...Where are you going?...Where’s your car?”

“Don’t ask me, quick, open the gate…”

“Okay sir.”

Brando left the mansion in the middle of the night heading towards the city center.


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