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Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): This is My Life and Story (Chapter 8 - The Governor)


Danielle’s father met me at the Sugarland Hotel to talk it over about his daughter Danielle. I went directly to the place, asked information in the counter, and sat in the lounge. I felt some doubts within me, that I couldn’t explain. Is it I am afraid, afraid for what? Fear..? Fear of rejection? Or I was not ready to meet him face to face?

Mr. Gustilo was the governor of the Negros Island; a high ranking officials in the Sugar Industry with lots of influences in the political arena and one of the wealthy family in the south of the island. As what my investigator, Mr. Rudy Neri reported; Gustilo family had a private army on their stead to support them politically and privately. He was the elected governor of the island.

I walked slowly inside the elevator, went at the 8th floor of the building and found room 818 at the left side wing. In the front door, I started to ring the doorbell. Two uniformed men welcomed me inside, brought me to a naked room with a small table and two chairs. They seated me in a chair facing the wall and left. In a few minutes, I heard the door knob moved slowly and felt a man enter the room. I didn’t move a bit, still facing the wall. I smelled his perfume, tapped my left shoulder and sat in front of me. He looked at me squarely, eye to eye, but I maintained my posture trying to be brave, responsible and a gentleman. He extends his hand to me for handshake. I accepted his right hand and said, “Good morning Governor, nice to meet you.”

Still, he hadn’t said a word; he moved slowly, called his men and faced me again.

“I’m Mr. Gustilo, father of Danielle. I wanted to talk to you about my daughter. You know, there’s no secret of Danielle that I didn’t know of. Even you, I knew you all along. I love Danielle, she’s my only child. As a father, I’m willing to give all what she wanted in life. I think you know me as a political leader of this island. With my social status I cannot divulge my daughter’s relationship with you. I wanted this to be…a secret matter.”

I was listening, watching him; his forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and his facial expression. My mind kept on wandering what will be the outcome of marrying her daughter, or, marrying Ayah Isabel?

Suddenly, a uniformed man entered the door, put the black bag on the table and left. Mr Gustilo looked at it, me too, my eyes on the bag in front of me. I glanced halfway across the room but settled to face Mr. Gustilo instead. His eyes met with mine, knowing that I fully understood what he wanted me to do.

“Marc, I want you to take this bag, it’s full of money, but I want you to marry Danielle. This money is nothing to me but it can help you in any way you want, to start a new life with Danielle. Take this money and marry my daughter…”

I was amazed by his action, the conversation… that I didn’t imagined beforehand.

“Mr. Gustilo, your daughter knows about this meeting?” I asked.

“No, she’s nothing to do with this, besides she’s in the farm right now. Do you like to visit her?”

“Sir, to tell you frankly, I’m surprised by this event and I couldn’t decide right now. Would you please give me some time to think it over….in a week’s time, Sir?" I saw him, his facial expression changed.

“Okay then Marco, we’ll meet after a week, same place, just asks the hotel’s information counter for our meeting schedule. Thank you for your time and nice meeting you.”

I left the room feeling exhausted and tired. I sat down in the hotel lobby to composed myself. A few minutes later, I went home. With a heavy heart, I went to the kitchen, checked the fridge, opened a bottle of beer and drank, bottom’s up. I opened another one, for leveling up with what I was thinking. It really bothered me; why I had to decide this way? Why on earth I had to choose between these two women? And, why it’s happening to me? What’s important to me?..Money?....Family Life?..Comfortable life?..Or being me?....

I slept the whole afternoon, when I woke up darkness crept in the face of the earth. Thinking something exciting, I took a bath, dressed ruggedly; grab a taxi cab heading to Edward’s place. Beside the Riviera Café & Restaurant, I purchased a bottle of cough syrup in the pharmacy store, put in my pocket and entered the restaurant going straight to the comfort room. I looked around for intruders of what I was doing inside the cubicle. Negative. I opened the cough syrup bottle, gulfed the contents at once, and threw the empty bottle at the waste bin. I hurriedly walked towards the dining area looking for Edward.

“What’s the matter friend? Are you alright?” Edward asked.

“Quick…quick, hurry!! Give me a slice of lemon..go..go..” Edward provided a slice of lemon and I sucked it like a baby, closing my eyes, and felt comfortably.

“Boss Edward, could you please give me two shots of espresso coffee? Charge to your account, I’ll pay you next week? Then, a cup of Americano coffee afterwards? Please…”

Edward looked at me angrily. He knew me too well why I ordered this way.

“Marco, no problem for the coffee…not again my friend---for that stuff. Why, what’s the problem?”

“Isn’t it payday today? We’ll paint the town red my friend!! I’ll wait for you, okay? I have something to tell you tonight, a big one!” I exclaimed.

“Okay Marco, takes your seat, be calm and have your coffee. Wait for me friend.”

I positioned myself at the corner of the dining section camouflaging for customers. I started to drink my two shots of espresso instantly, then, slowly consumed the Americano coffee. Within a few minutes, I felt contented with the chemical reaction of the cough syrup.


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