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How's Your Value In Life?

A value is something that is freely chosen from alternatives and is acted upon; that which the individual celebrates as being part of his creative integration in development as a person. The essential point here is that a value is something freely chosen from alternatives is actually acted upon and lived out. The completed action or the commitment to choice is integral to the choice itself, and therefore, points out that one has fully chosen a value has acted upon it. The test to a true value is whether or not it is freely chosen and acted upon, and not only acted upon but celebrated. The person must enjoy the value of life and participate in it. He must find by acting on and celebrating this value, that it enhances his human development. It is granted that what enhances human development may be theoretically arguable and unclear. For different people this may mean different things. Also, the definition of value is in terms of valuing itself more than it is in terms of what value is intrinsically, or from a philosophical point of view.

By value clarification I mean a methodology or process by which we help a person to discover values through behavior, feelings, ideas, and through important choices he has made and is continually, in fact, acting upon it and through his life. If a person is living on a set of values assimilated from his upbringing rather than choice, then he is moving in directions and has goals that are hidden from him, of which he is not aware.

It is only as I, as an adult, clarify what choices have a major influence on my personality that can really understand who I am and where it is that I am going. I can hardly understand what my goals are unless I am aware of the choices I have already made.

A person is continually developing his values: values can never be static but must be continually re-chosen as the person grows in his world. As a person grows in his identity and independence, he is continually choosing values and fashioning his hierarchy of values.

As I looked back with my own life, I can say that I am treading life with what I’ve chosen or decided upon. Is it my values that taught me how to live?

Life is great! I can live the life I chose to be. Now, I have to go on with my life though because this is my choice, the choice of success in everything I’ve done. Never looking back for anything that makes me feel the rigors of life, and I never wanted to aim higher for which, I am standing right now, because I have it now. What more can I say? I am successful with my career, family, friends, happy, and the most valuable thing is that I am contented with what I have.

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