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Twisted Love: Chapter 3 - The Lover


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Randy used the huge tree to hide his identity when visiting Mary secretly. He had been there so many times. He loved Mary, but could not reveal his identity. He had no courage to face Mary’s parents, Mr. Daniel Ramirez and Mrs.Virginia.

“Mother, I am going to the river to wash our clothes.” Mary said to her mother.

“Yes, but do not stay there for long.”

“Yes mother.”

Randy saw Mary’s leaving, he smiled, and hurriedly followed her. When they’re near the river, Randy appeared before Mary.

“Good morning Mary.”

“Hello Randy, how are you?” asked Mary.

“I’m fine Mary. I want to go with you….in the river.”

“Why? Are you washing your clothes too?”

”No, I’m not washing my clothes…I want to talk to you.”

“About what Randy?”

“About my love for you, and I…”

“Sorry, Randy..don’t bother to talk to me again. I cannot love you or anybody else.”

“But why Mary?”

Don’t ask me again, okay?..go and find another woman for you.!!”
Randy left her without a word; his heart was trampled by a thousand giants.


In the office, Brando’s hurriedly answered the phone. He’s expecting someone to call him.

“Brando..?” Said the voice of a woman.

“Speaking, who’s this?”

“You forget me bastard!! Why are you not visiting me here!!!”

“S-Sharon…?” Brando’s surprised.

“And who do you think?...your other woman!!”

Brando smiled, “How are you babes?” Asking question as if he’s not done anything wrong for his girlfriend. “I’m busy you know…”

“For who?..your other woman?”

“I’m busy here in the office. Okay, where can we meet?”

“That place before, as always.”

Sharon closed the phone instantly. "That bitch…didn’t mention the time…crazy woman…..Brando said to himself.


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