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Quinzaine True Love, Life, Family, Relationship

(7)Quinzaine: “True Love”

Love you ‘till the end of time

Can you love me too?

‘Till the end?

S Breast Heart

(8)Quatrains: “I Love You”

I love you, for anything that surrounds you,

I love you, for everything within you,

I love you, the way you want it to be,

I love you, what could it be?

You, left without a word,

You, perished without a sword,

You, are the only one that I loved,

You, are the essence my beloved.

Silence, which made you think differently,

Silence, that my heart can felt independently,

Silence, for my heart to glow,

Silence, for my love to show.

Alone, my heart that only you from me,

Alone, feeling the emptiness all over me,

Alone, to love with you forever.

Alone, until death as lover.

Dramatic - Will I Ever Love Again

(9)Dramatic: “Will I Ever Love Again?”

On the vine you‘re of beauty, supple and lovely
You unlocked your heart, for me to touch!
To hold firmly! To embrace tightly! To kiss tenderly!

Would you blame me for what I have done?
With your heart’s divine, love holds eternally
I’ve been so unkind, to your being sublimed,
Taming me to felt, the love you desired.

Ever wanting me, for the sky’s so high,
To the zenith of joy you contrived about,
Truth hurts, I knew my feeling’s adored
I can’t teach the way you wanted me to be.

Love’s the only reason, cared nothing more,
What you dwelt within, no reason at all,
Again, you’ve taught me, the love you have had,
But my heart said, I don’t love you anymore!

I have needs and soulful wants,
But those belongs to the woman I love,
You blend lies and feelings with mine,
Molding into mountains, of your heart’s desire.

Your love poisoned my soul,
Your beauty entwined my heart
Sipping drops of blood
Into everlasting ecstasy!

You poured your heartaches,
Clutching my flesh! Dragging my soul!
Squeezing my heart! Dying to get hold!
The true love of your life!

At last my darling.
You kiss me goodbye,
Whispering the last words,
Will I Ever Love Again?

Tanka - I Am for What I Am

(10)Tanka: “I Am for What I Am”

I own my ambitions, dreams, wants,

anticipations and fears. I

own my joys, success, mistakes and

failures. Because I own myself,

I know more about it.

With all of my actions I can

love myself and every part of

myself. I can protect my most

precious values. I know that I

have the abilities.

Until I love myself truly

I have hope and confidence to

solve what is bothering on my

mind and to find more about my

true personality.

Nevertheless, to know more ‘bout

me; With all my words and deeds and

what I am thinking about and

feel the future . Only I, knows

about my real self.

When I’ve learned my words and deeds; and

knows how to think and feel, I can

balance things into perspective.

I can get rid of my bad traits.

Left the good ones to use.

And make new best endeavor to

forward into the future. I

walk to my destiny or fate

Because I am for what I am

Help me God the Father.

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