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In Despair

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Love Love Love, a photo by Gregory Jordan on Flickr.


You went away because, you mistook my silence for indifference,
But, silence my dear, is the language of my heart!

I love you, for anything that surrounds you,
I love you, the way what you want me to be,
I love you, for everything within you,
But, why my dear?

Alone, in my heart that only you that I loved,
Alone, feeling the emptiness all over me,
Alone, to love without you my dear,
But, you left me alone?

Silence, which made you think differently,
Silence, that my heart alone can sufficed to say,
Silence, engulfed me whenever I need you,
But, silence my love, is the language of my heart!

You, left without a word!
You, perished without a trace!
You, are the only one that I loved!
You, are the essence my being!

Until the end of time.


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