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One size does not fit all, so develop a job search campaign that targets your specific employment goals. The internet has brought the ability to conduct a convenient, nationwide job search right into your home. Here are several job search resources you absolutely want to incorporate into your own job search or career success plan right away.

Job Search & Career Services

Generally known methods of job hunting include: finding a job through friends or an extended business network, personal network, or online social network. Also using a job search engine, looking through the classifieds in newspapers and using a private or public employment agency can prove advantageous. High school and college placement services help their students and alumni find jobs. Labor unions provide various employment services to members and potential members, including apprenticeship programs that teach a specific trade or skill. Your State's employment/unemployment division, sometimes called the "Job Service", works with people in connecting employers with job applicants. Many nonprofit organizations, including religious institutions and vocational rehabilitation agencies, offer counseling, career development, and job placement services, generally targeted to a particular group, such as women, youths, minorities, ex-offenders, or older workers.

Online Websites

By searching all the top job sites, job boards and job search engines, like Monster, CareerBuilder, Jobstreet and HotJobs, you target the vast majority of publically announced open positions. Commence by searching the above mentioned top job sites, then your local job boards, and then job sites that focus specifically on your career field. Even the most recent job openings get listed on websites almost daily. Use the Internet to not only examine job search sites, but to research the companies you most want to work for, as well as to view job postings on individual corporate web sites. The above sites have all the tools you need in order to complete any job search, but let's not forget about tapping into professional associations' websites, Craigslist and executive recruiter career pages.

Other Online Tools

To begin the exploration of your potential career opportunities, use many of the tools offered online. Besides job listings, there are free tools such as fax services and email accounts, networking sites like LinkedIn, free Web space to accommodate your online resume and Career Coaches who offer job search advice either by phone, IM or email. There are even websites that assist applicants in preparing and uploading their resume to their database and then do a mass broadcast of the uploaded resume to hundreds, if not thousands of recruiters. Other tools available to the job hunter include online salary surveys, articles, message boards, job-related videos, blogs (like mine) and research tools.

It's important to have a system in place when you start a job search, but a system without the proper job search resources, like the ones listed above, will only fail. Using a combination of the above mentioned resources and methods is essential for any successful job search.

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