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President Aquino: Political Will To Do The Right Things and Do Things Right #OFWLifeStory

In line with President Aquino’s optimistic outlook for the year 2015, the DAP issue will resume this January session because some part of it has been declared by the Supreme Court unconstitutional. But the President openly defended that the Supreme Court ruling on the DAP was one of the most difficult challenges for the year 2014. This also brought the lowest performance and trust ratings since mid-2010.

The 2015 budget was released with much confident from the Pnoy Administration side, but opposition leaders announced that it’s still laced with DAP essence. And, contrary to President Aquino’s claims, however, the budget included a redefinition of savings that critics said was meant to undermine the Supreme Court’s decision last July declaring Palace acts creating the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) as unconstitutional. He is determined to implement the key programs and reforms that will ensure sustainability of the gains already achieved in terms of reducing poverty; increasing social protection universal education and health care, socialized shelter]; mitigating the ill effects of calamities and drastic climate change; and delivering justice for all without fear or favor.

The on-going criticisms of DAP still the primary subject of his critics which made President Benigno S. Aquino III signed the P2.606-trillion 2015 General Appropriations Act (GAA), marking the fifth consecutive year of the National Budget’s timely enactment and cementing the Administration’s spending program for rapid, long-term, and inclusive development.

The 2015 GAA—15.1 percent higher than the current year’s budget—also strengthens fiscal, development, and governance reforms already instituted by the Aquino administration, besides supporting the country’s unique requirements for post-disaster rehabilitation and climate change. The GAA duly reflects President Aquino’s development priorities for 2015; pouring even more investments into the Administration’s anti-poverty and economic growth programs, as well as strengthening governance reforms. The economic stature of the Philippines is strategically prioritized by the Aquino Administration wherein it must be hastened to fulfill its course. But critics pursued the check and balances of its spending by elaborating the meaning of savings. Moreover, much to its projected and positive outlook, the controlling power still in the hands of the Senate. Likewise, the funding cannot be the sole ingredient in increasing the development involved.

The negative image brought by the DAP to be unconstitutional gave the Pnoy Administration a hard time to continue the developments. While they’re confident to pursue its course, by actions and deeds, the President has led the way in showing that government has the political will to do the right things and do things right.

In the future, what if things turn out negatively which could tarnish its image to the Filipino people? And, the funding system is not working out?

The President’s trust rating will constantly increase if all of his deeds are positive in the eyes of all Filipinos. Even though how hard to please everybody, the will to improve people’s lives is the first priority of Pnoy Administration.

This 2015, the critics will still haunts the Pnoy Administration up to Election time. It will be the weapon of the opposition in gaining positive points against the Administration. Any negative deeds done by the Administration would be pursued by the political groups in the future.

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