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Popular Overseas Work for Filipinos #OFWLifeStory

Popular Overseas Work for Filipinos #OFWLifeStory

There are many Filipinos who work abroad. In almost any country that you can think of, chances are there are Filipinos working there. Some don't just work in the country that they're in but have decided to be permanent residents or citizens of the country. They start their new life in the country they've chosen despite still having relatives in the Philippines. The Philippines become their instant vacation destination and sending a BALIKBAYAN box to the philippines becomes a common thing. They build their own relationships and communities in another country yet most of them remain Filipinos at heart.

One of the most common reasons for working abroad is the financial compensation. Most people know that jobs abroad usually pay higher than here in the Philippines. Some overseas workers spend several years working and saving in another country. After saving a considerable amount, they go back to the Philippines to start their own businesses.

Below are some of the most common overseas jobs taken on by Filipinos.

Seaman. There are many Filipino seafarers. They don't really stay in one country and they are the most travelled overseas workers. Most of the time, they are away from their families for a period of six to ten months. After this period, they come back to relax and spend time with their families usually for a duration of two to six months.

Domestic Helper. Filipino domestic helpers are abundant in the nearby Asian countries like Hong Kong and Singapore. If a typical male Filipino overseas worker is a seaman, a typical female Filipino overseas worker is a domestic helper. Their work contract can range from one year up to five years or even more. The longer they are away from their families, the more often they use the services of a philippine courier service to send items to their loved ones.

Teachers. This field of work is fast becoming very popular among Filipinos. One of the reasons for this is the huge demand for teachers in the United States, a very attractive destination for Filipinos.

Nurses and Caregivers. Filipino nurses and caregivers abound in the United States, the Middle East countries, and the United Kingdom. There are many baby boomers in these countries that are now reaching their senior years hence, the need for this type of job.

IT Specialists. There are also a lot of Filipinos working abroad as IT specialists. Most of them have taken on the decision to permanently reside in the country they are working in.

There are many other jobs taken on by Filipinos in other countries. Filipinos are known for their skills, intelligence, and resilience that's why they are able to get work abroad. They are often customers of 24 hour package delivery philippines. Most of them sacrifice being away from their families just to be able to earn more.

Likewise, hotel industries, services, etc..

Source: Timothy Gomez

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