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The Procedure To Get A Legitimate Visa For UAE #OFWLifeStory

The Procedure To Get A Legitimate Visa For UAE #OFWLifeStory

Dubai City is one of the most happening destinations for the tourists across the globe to spend some moments of fun and leisure. It provides the perfect blend of outstanding diversity and thrilling attractions for the people to explore and enjoy the crucial historical, cultural and traditional range of this land. Every year millions of travelers across the globe travel to Dubai for tremendous excursions. The crucial thing which is needed by every tourist to explore Dubai is a legitimate visa.

Assortment of Visas

Basically, the immigration authorities of Dubai are the helping hand that provides genuine information on Dubai Visa Services. If you apply for the visa, you should consider that immigration authorities issued two different categories of visa that are listed below:

(1). Tourist Visa

It is the most popular type of visa that varies depending on the number of days staying in Dubai. Tourist visa is further categorized into the following:

• A distinctive short duration visa having validity of 7 days that can be further renewed.
• An outstanding tourist visa having validity of 14 days which can also be renewed.
• A distinctive tourist visa having validity of 30 days that can’t be renewed however can extend.
• A significant tourist visa having validity of 90 days that can’t be renewed however can extend further.

(2). Business Visa

A distinctive business visa is valid only for 14 days. People who visit Dubai with this visa can’t have the choice to extend their stay for more than 14 days. The business Visa cannot be renewed but can be extended.


Apart from the citizens of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), every citizen across the globe is required to hold the visa of Dubai. When you belong to other nations, the visa requirements and processes essentially vary as per the nations. The complete procedure for getting a visa relies on some essential factors that are given below:

 Nationality of the individuals
 Duration of visit
 Purpose of visit

How to apply?

When you apply for a legitimate visa for Dubai, you must contact a renowned destination management company that provides Dubai Visa Services or you can contact the relevant embassy for proper application of Visa. The major things that are effectively required to hold a visa include the following:

 A valid copy of the passport
 One passport sized photograph clicked on white background
 A distinct slip for the cash deposit or payment of charges

Procedure to apply

The process of applying for the visa is not an intricate chore due to the accessibility of several leading inbound tourism service provider. Each nationality has its individual distinct process for applying the visa that merely depends on the duration as well as the purpose of stay. When you contact a leading destination management company, it can prove to be a crucial help for the visitors as it offer several packages depending on the requirements of the person applying for the visa.

Source: Karin Al Tariq

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