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Different Hair Problems and Remedies

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Dry Hair:

Causes: naturally dry hair is usually coarse due to fewer follicles and fewer oil glands. Hair also gets drier with age as the production of sebum slows down. Most dry conditions are due to self-inflicted damage; perms, overzealous blow drying, and harsh shampoos. Also to insufficient washing and grooming of thick, curly hair because of the effort and pain involved.

Symptoms: Dull, coarse, brittle and easily damaged. Scalp can be tight and flaky. Curly hair is often dry because the bends in the curls open up the hair shafts.

Remedies: Wash regularly; dry dirty hair is fragile and snarls and splits easily. Before washing, massage the scalp with oil to aid circulation and prevent the build-up of dead skin cells which block the hair. Use conditioner at every wash. Avoid heated rollers or dryers, using gel instead and scrunch dry the hair to protect it and make it shiny.

Oily Hair:

Causes: Common with fine hair because of more numerous follicles pumping out sebum. Hormonal imbalances, especially in teenagers, also speed up oil production. Poor diet, stress, over-handling and cold weather all contribute to greasy and oily hair.

Symptoms: Lank, dull and stringy; holds style poorly. Unless frequently washed, hair becomes smelly, as it traps sebum, sweat, dirt, dust, tobacco and stale food odors.

Remedies: Nature remedies this condition, hair becoming drier with age. Until then, wash frequently and as often as you like. Avoid rich, fatty foods; expose the hair to fresh air for at least 30 minutes every day. Use hair conditioner.


Causes: Fortunate genetics, healthy diet and sensible precautions.

Symptoms: Glossy throughout; fine hair may be static.

Remedies: Maintain this happy state of affairs by washing every 3 – 5 days. Use conditioner to protect the ends; avoid perms.


Causes: As hair grows long, its condition often changes, the ends becoming dry and brittle. Harmful treatments, sun damage and rough handling exacerbate the mixed condition.

Symptoms: Hair needs frequent washing which seems to make the ends worse.

Remedies: Alternate a shampoo for greasy hair with one for normal hair, but apply shampoo only to the scalp; the rinsing water will carry diluted shampoo through the length of the hair. Use a conditioner as for dry hair, from the ears down only. Remove it with diluted lemon or vinegar rinse which will adhere to the unconditioned top of the hair. Then rinse with fresh water.

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