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The Fast-changing Mobile Executive

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Meet the portable executive. He is rarely in his office. But with electronic gadgets, laptop at work, another at home, and different units for travel, he is always in touch with things. He can read and answer e-mails from anywhere. For the latest headlines, he logs on to news service. To buy or sell stock, he keys in orders by computer.

He dreads obsolescence. He reads books and magazines and knows the latest add-ons being made available in the market. He has made technology a way of life, a tool with which to run the company 24/7.

The electronic society that futurists began predicting so many decades ago, seemed at that time, as if it might never come. There were many reasons. The tools were too crude. They were too expensive. Or they just didn’t exist. But now, they are here, they are cheap and they work. Computer technology has become an indispensable part of nearly every product, every job, and every trivial pursuit. And it is becoming more portable and beautifully packaged too. Suddenly, with little real fanfare, the electronic revolution has arrived.

Personal computers, cellular phones, voice mail, e-mail, and faxes; these electronic tools are catching on rapidly. And they are spreading beyond the traditional office. They are enabling ordinary people in ordinary situations to organize their lives in new ways by loosening the confines of time and space that dictate 9 to 5 days very often also bracketed by a lengthy travel time to and from work.

Today’s executive is also becoming a “time shifter.” Instead of waiting until he can meet face to face or connect on the phone, he use fax, electronic mail, or video conferencing with his business associates. People like him are pioneering a whole new lifestyle, a novel work culture that has liberated individuals from the monotony of routine, sparked their creativity and made the running of businesses so much fun and enjoyable and, what is more important, far more efficient. Working across time zones and continents, users of the new electronic tools are compelling corporations to reorganize their conventional structures. For instance, if employees can operate with equal efficiency from home or a golf course or a ski chalet – and are quite happy doing so – why shouldn’t an organization let them?

The new lifestyle has created problems of its own. Since the Industrial Revolution lured many off the farms, there has been a clear separation between work and home life. But when the office comes home, what happens in the family? And if home becomes the focus of work, how does one replace the social interaction of the office? After all, spontaneous personal contact is indeed crucial to getting work done.

For many, the electronic lifestyle means leaving the office for good. Electronic gadgets are even invading the lives of executives who can’t tolerate computers. They won’t be able to escape voice mail, mobile phones essentially an answering machine service built into the phone system for receiving, leaving and broadcasting messages. Mobile phones follow suit for this processes and even sending files and images

At this electronic lifestyle spreads, it will undoubtedly alter the social and economic landscape. Satellite communications and computer networks have already made easier for one to imagine corporations made up of individuals and groups scattered all over the country. Such networks made their way to conquer the people’s lifestyle. But inevitably, electronic lifestyle will be encouraging decentralization.

Meanwhile, the shift to an electronically assisted lifestyle is increasing. The cellular phone shows for instance how quickly and completely such changes are occurring. Before, a mobile phone was an expensive toy for gadget-happy technophiles; now it is a necessity in every strata of the society, especially in the social and business circles. Many users feel that it has added seven to ten hours per week of productive time to their working schedules.

We are really heading for something else in the future?

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