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Having an Office Affair? Some Tips On Not Getting Caught

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An office affair can be detrimental to your career. It can cost you your job or the respect of your careers. Having an affair at the workplace is almost always a bad career move. With that said most of us spend the majority of our time working. We meet new people at work. We form relationships based on respect with our coworkers and sometimes these relationships turn romantic. If you're going to have an office affair there are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Be cautious about the way you interact with your office affair partner. Be careful not to seem flirtatious or too comfortable. Avoid closed door meetings with your lover. It is important not to arouse the suspicions of your coworkers. Treat your partner the same way you would treat any other member of the workforce.

Never use instant messing to communicate with your office affair partner. Your IT department can most likely view all of the information sent over your office's computers. Also avoiding communicating by email while you are at work and avoid using your office email addresses all together.

Never get physical at the office. Avoid physical contact at the office under all circumstances. No kissing in the car, no hugging in the bathrooms, no physical contact. Even if you think that you are all alone you should never get physical at the office. It can be a very "romantic" concept thinking of an office rendezvous but it's a horrible idea. Even if it's after hours and you think everyone else has gone home, don't do it.

Tell no one! As tempting as it might be to tell one of your friends at the office about your affair it is crucially important that you do not. An office affair is a hot bit of gossip that can be very hard to conceal. If you hope to have a workplace affair without getting caught it is imperative that you keep it under wraps.

Avoid arriving at work together or leaving work at the same time. This may seem quite obvious to some but others will try to get away with it. If you are seen arriving at work with your office affair partner your coworkers are sure to start expecting that something is up.

Avoid being seen in public together. You might think that people who see you will accept your story about just being friends or that you are on a business lunch but if you're often seen in public with your lover it won't take long until people start to talk. It's best to avoid this altogether.

For most jobs, having a relationship with a coworker violates company policy. Even if it does not, it can cost you the respect of your peers. If you insist on having an affair with someone that you work with it is very important that you do so without getting caught. Following these guidelines will help you to do so.

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