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Watt Pad: Watty Awards 2012

The Watty Awards is an annual celebration of the most loved stories by the community. Over $20,000 will be given out in prizes!

Can you finish a story within a year? Take the challenge and enter the 2012 Watty Awards, everyone has a chance to win as long as you participate! All showcase finalists plus 50 lucky winners (that do not become finalists) will receive prizes.

I submitted my works to participate for this award. Kindly read, vote, comment and follow my writings. Click the URL below.


It all started with Marco Fernando, an Overseas Filipino Worker, also known as OFW in the Phiippines. His dream to pursue higher education, good life and financial freedom falters when his parents cannot support him anymore. He tried to cover-up his weaknesses through his classmate Ayah. Along the way, he met another woman, Danielle who fall in love with him, which he used her for his ambition in life, without the knowledge of Ayah. Until, the two women met and Marco Fernando lived with Ayah through poverty.

The story began when he decided to work abroad as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

I used the first person POV to explore fully on how to inject other OFW events that I can relate with this story. A series of submission until I completed the novel.


The brutal way of loving his wife and killed his child, Brando deliberately doing insanely-acts to cover-up his jealousy. An impostor, Hugo, concealed his identity to take revenge which lasted his life inside the family room. A story of revenge, love, lusts, hatred, and jealousy that makes this story a riveting one.

"Still holding her dead child; the child’s face was blue, eyes bulging out. Soundless…Motionless…behind the closed door…silence that makes the four lifeless bodies finds the true meaning of love…in Heaven or Hell?"

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