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Twisted Love: Chapter 5 - The Friendship


It’s early in the morning when Brando arrived at the domestic airport, the Philippine Airlines. He wanted to buy ticket going to Bacolod city, the capital city of Negros Occidental, but it’s closed. He had to wait for tomorrow’s trading hours to purchased airline ticket. Brando went to the coffee shop, bought a cup of coffee and settled at the bench near the shop. Some passengers were sleeping waiting for their flights; some were chatting just to pass the time.

He nearly consumed his coffee when a man sat near him, eating biscuit crackers. He’s carrying a backpack too, but he’s too shabby for his clothing. No one could ever think that this man lived a healthy and stable life. Tension showed upon when he finished eating. He’s looking at the darkness of the night, instead of sleeping. Curious about him, Brando looked at him with remorse inside his heart. All of the sudden, the man glanced at him with tears in his eyes.

Brando called him to know what bothered him so much. The man slowly stood, walked towards Brando and sat beside him. Brando extended his right hand.

“Hello friend, I’m Brando. I’m travelling alone going to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. But, I don’t have a plane ticket yet, so, I have to wait for seven hours more to purchase at the ticket booth. Are you alone? Ohhh, by the way…what’s your name friend?”

“Ahhh… name is James…James Montero,” still holding Brando’s right hand.

“Are you alright James? What can I do for you to help?”

“It’s a long story…but I need financial help to be backed home in our barrio. I have my plane ticket but going by bus…my money is not enough. Could you help me Brando?

“You’re going to Bacolod too?”

“Yes amigo.”

“We’ll wait for the ticket booth to open and I’ll buy my ticket. We’ll going together James.”

“It’s fine for me.”

“You want to eat? Come on, there’s an open restaurant over there.”

“Okay Brando.”

James was very happy for knowing his newfound friend. He had a notion that Brando came from a well-to-do family. They ate together in a restaurant, and their friendship grew as the time passed.


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