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The Filipino Werewolf: Chapter 6 - The Offer


Brando and James boarded the plane heading to Bacolod City airport, actually it’ll landed at Silay Airport, the newly opened airport. The abrupt transferring of the airport was actually a planned tourism development of the city of Bacolod and Silay City, for the unification of the Metro Cities Development Board.

The ticket seller explained to Brando and James about this new development. On the plane, one of the topics they talked about was the transferring of airport from Bacolod City to Silay City.
“James, you know what, this transferring of the airport is not a good way to uplift the image of Bacolod, as if, the city leaders gave Silay City a gateway for improvement that their own.”
“Yes Brando, I’m with you for that reason, but, you see, Bacolod airport is small, the runway is not safe for there are residents around its perimeter. So, I think, its better this way, in Silay City.”

“Let’s see in the future..”

“By the way friend, where are you heading after arriving in Silay Airport?” James asked.
“You know, I have to stay with my cousin in the town of Binalbagan…near the Sugar Central. It’s been a long time now that I didn’t visit them. In fact, this is a surprise visit.”
“You’re on vacation?”James asked.

“Yes…yes…yes friend.”

“Good Brando! Why not visit our place in Hinigaran first, before heading to Binalbagan? Our place’s truly fantastic; lots of rivers, falls, forest and amazing mountain view. My family will be glad if you can…”

“Yes..yes my friend. I’m happy for your invitation. I will go with you for..let’s say…2 days staying there? It’s okay with you?”

“Okay, I’m happy friend that you accepted my invitation. My son will be happy too! Also, my wife Melba!”

“James, you’re married? Can you tell me your story?...while we eat our breakfast?”

James told his story without any hindrances whatsoever to Brandon.


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